My name is Marvin Cheeseman, I come from one of the world’s coolest and most beautiful cities: Manchester, and I say that without a hint of irony, just check the place out for yourself. I am a “performance poet” forward slash stand-up comic and I have gigged in various parts of the country, from Ashby de la Zouche to Salford.

I am lucky enough to have my work published by The Bad Press: a book entitled “Full Metal Jacket Potato” and a boxed set of limericks “Making Prawn Sandwiches for Roy Keane.” and my latest book called “We hate it when our ex-lodgers become successful”.

I have performed at literature festivals and in doing so have rubbed shoulders with some major celebrities – for example Oz Clark (the bald-headed wine buff) and somebody who used to do ITV news (think it was him who’s Poirot’s brother (in real life)) Anyway, that’s enough about me for now, I’m not some sort of egomaniac.


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